Last night, I lingered on the couch as a Disney Channel show unfolded on the TV in front of me. Was it Austin & Ally? Dog with a Blog? I don’t know. I wasn’t paying attention. Occasionally, I’d mutter, “How about a show that I might like?” Modern Family reruns. Big Bang Theory reruns. American [...]


I’m driving a Penske moving truck past farmland, somewhere in Eastern Colorado. Along the side of the road, the sporadic tufts of grass are motionless, indicating that there isn’t even the slightest breeze in the air. Still it feels as if a hurricane must be blowing me to the left. I grip the steering wheel [...]

balance copy I Lost My Balance. It Was the Best Thing I Ever Accidentally Did. post image

I write for a living. By that, I don't mean, as some erroneously assume, that I occasionally get a check here and there and use it to pay for splurge items like Italian ice. No, I write to pay the mortgage and for clothes and for food and, hopefully some day, for the kid's college [...]

Yellow Flower

Maybe you've heard that marriage is like a dance. If you want your partner to change, you must lead him or her where you wish to go. More specifically, if you want your spouse to be more giving, you might try being more giving yourself. Maybe you've even heard that here.  I know you have, [...]


If you've been reading this site for a while, then I'm sure the headline to this post seemed completely out of character. At least I hope it did. After all, since I walked into my first meditation class five years ago, I've been working hard to cure myself of anger. You've all experienced the results [...]