There was the sound of nails tapping against the hardwood floor. I was still dreaming. I was about to teach a class, but I’d misplaced my purse and I couldn’t find the bathroom. Now something wet and cold was poking me on the side of my face. It’s bad enough that I can’t find my [...]


This past spring, my husband arrived home with a used minivan. He spent the rest of the spring altering it — removing seats, building a platform, outfitting a tent to fit snugly onto the back of it. By the time he was done, the minivan could store everything he needed to camp for a very [...]

Vintage Grunge Still Life

There are people who will tell you that you are only as old as you feel. These are the same people who swear that you are not 40+ years old, but rather 40+ years young. They are forever saying things like, "Aging is a state of mind." All I can say is this: Those people [...]


 Last night, I lingered on the couch as a Disney Channel show unfolded on the TV in front of me. Was it Austin & Ally? Dog with a Blog? I don’t know. I wasn’t paying attention. Occasionally, I’d mutter, “How about a show that I might like?” Modern Family reruns. Big Bang Theory reruns. American [...]


I’m driving a Penske moving truck past farmland, somewhere in Eastern Colorado. Along the side of the road, the sporadic tufts of grass are motionless, indicating that there isn’t even the slightest breeze in the air. Still it feels as if a hurricane must be blowing me to the left. I grip the steering wheel [...]