On a rare just-warm-enough-to-take-all-your-worries-away summer day, I was on one of those elusive carefree runs during which every footfall came easily and no part of my body was in pain. The sky reflected off the water. Beams of light poked their way through the trees. Birds danced in the sky. Then I passed the [...]

keep calm

    I awoke with a start. I heard thumps and squeals. It was 11:30 p.m.  In the other hotel bed, my son was still sleeping. Like my husband, the boy can sleep through just about anything. I, on the other hand, sleep like a mouse cowering in the corner of a snake pit.   [...]


The sentences charge out of Dan Jurafsky’s mouth as if he’s worried he’d drop dead during his own lecture, missing his final opportunity to share the world’s best-kept secret. He’s the kind of presenter who makes someone like me wonder what he ate for breakfast because, if I had a fraction of that spunk, I [...]


Way back in my 20s, I never used a to-do list. I just remembered everything. But then two things happened. 1) I got older, and my memory became a lot less reliable. If you've ever lost a year or more of sleep due to a crying baby, are 40+, or are experiencing the massive fluctuations [...]

child by mountain lake

I sat with my son who was sipping a hot chocolate drink that was loaded with four different kinds of sugar. My drink was one of those gourmet herbal teas: premium-organic-white-rose-petal-citrus-joy-berry-Himalaya-peace something or other. We were sharing a brownie that the barista had warmed for us. Jazz played quietly. It was Ella Fitzgerald and Louis [...]