People drift apart, even when they sleep in the same bed. One day, you are saying vows and listening to people's warnings about how love takes constant attention, devotion, and work – and you are rolling your eyes because you are thinking that your love is different; it's real, and it will last because, well, [...]


Just about everywhere you look on the Internet – and to some degree on the TV – someone is pissed off about something. Ugly arguments are erupting everywhere and not just about the topics that you’d expect, such as politics or religion. Often they start off innocently enough. For example, someone might voice an opinion [...]


Ohio State University researchers wanted to know what it was about certain apologies that worked – and other apologies that didn't. So they tested how 755 people reacted to different kinds of apologies and they found that, for an apology to work, it needed to include at least two elements. Acknowledgement of responsibility: "It's my [...]


You will fight about a lot of things in the coming years. Most of these fights will be waged over silly lines in the sand that don't need to be drawn in the first place. Like one day in the future you are seriously going to get into a fight about the settings on the [...]

My journalist friend Kayt Sukel is gutsy and will do just about anything in the name of science. Case in point: She once climbed into an MRI and let researchers study her brain while she had an orgasm. Then she wrote about the experience. Kayt is happy and successful and she's always posting things to Facebook [...]