“Alisa has great camera presence. She’s open, very honest and is not afraid to show her emotions. It’s obvious she’s passionate about what she does.”

—KARLIE POULIOT, Fox News Channel New York

“Every once in a while I’d like an interview to be easy. I’d like the guest to be prepared, knowledgable, funny, smart and quick. I’d like my interview to go smoothly with a rapid fire give and take that’s fun for me and interesting for my listeners. I’d like the audience to hang on every word, sitting on the edge of their seats wondering what’s coming next. Alisa Bowman is that interview. She is terrific and she makes me look good. The audience loves her, they learn from her and they connect with her passion, honesty and humanity. She’s one in a million.


“As a producer in the fast-paced world of Cable TV, I often find myself in the field with many challenges including inexperienced or nervous interview subjects.  I was overjoyed to meet and work with Alisa Bowman who showed no fear of the camera.  Alisa was incredibly articulate and comfortable in her role as storyteller. Her interview made our Discovery Special a success.  She’s a natural!”

—Lauren Levine, Field Producer, Discovery Health Channel