by Alisa

How to Save a Marriage-Help and Advice

So you just typed “how to save a marriage” or maybe even “I hate my husband” into Google and it brought you here. You may have marriage problems and don’t know where to turn or perhaps you have a good marriage you want to make even better. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. I started this marriage advice site many years ago after I saved my marriage and I haven’t stopped tweaking and improving it. You’ll find marriage help and advice here as well as articles on happiness, spirituality, psychology and more. ProjectHappilyEverAfter.com has been voted a top 10 marriage blog several times and was also listed as one of the “100 blogs to visit before you die.”

Project: Happily Ever After® offers:

  • Marriage advice from someone who learned how to have a happy marriage by first having an unhappy one
  • A community of current and recovering divorce daydreamers who support one another in their quest to save their marriages
  • A way to feel more normal and less alone.
  • Bonus advice about living a more fulfilled, happier life regardless of your marital situation.
  • Self-deprecating stories about my struggles to embrace and incorporate Buddhist concepts such as generosity, humility, and compassion into my life. I label these posts “the Karma Project.”

“Project: Happily Ever After is like a wrinkle cream for a tighter, firmer marriage. It gives people something they can try right away–with results after just two applications.” —Monica, a regular reader

How to Get Marriage Advice and Help

To learn more about my philosophy and what this site is about, please read my manifesto. You can also check out my most popular posts about marriage, sex, happiness and more:

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