What People Are Saying About PHEA

On this page, I will be continually compiling links to reviews, interviews and more of Project: Happily Ever After.

1. The TODAY SHOW on the trend of couples staying married

2. The CBS Early Show on Choreplay

3. FOX’s Dr. Manny on 7 Ways to Fix a Marriage

4. CNN “Tips for the Royal Couple”

5. Dina Santorelli, a freelance writer buddy of mine, recently interviewed me for her site Making Baby Grand. The interview goes into what motivates me to write, how I got over the fear of writing about intimate life details, and more. By the way, Baby Grand is a novel that Dina is writing. On the blog, she chronicles her novel writing journey. It’s a great read!

6. Andi Fisher is a blogging buddy who I met at a conference about a year ago. We clicked and have been tight ever since. She does an early review of PHEA here (calling it a “must read”) and will do a more extensive review and a book giveaway in December.

7. While in Ashland Oregon to give a speech at the Southern Oregon Author’s Fair, I stopped by KOBI-TV for this interview. I talk about how writing the book strengthened my marriage.

8. Fellow marriage blogger Lori Lowe writes about PHEA on her Marriage Gems site. Here’s a quote: “Alisa delivers three important factors in this memoir-style marriage book: entertainment, education, and hope.”

9. Theo Pauline Nestor interviewed me for Writing is My Drink, which is a great blog that all established and aspiring writers should be reading. Here I talk about some of the challenges I faced when trying to write and publish the book.

10. Andrea Frazer who writes the “My So-Called Sex Life” blog for Good Housekeeping blogs about PHEA here.

11. The News-Journal newspaper writes “A Marriage Repaired” about PHEA.

12. “Is your marriage affecting your health?” By Sheryl Kraft at HealthyWomen.org.

13. “Improve your relationship, lower your stress,” By Kate Hanley at WholeLiving.com.

14. ADaringAdventure picked Project: Happily Ever After as one of the top self development books for 2010.

15. TresSugar picked Project: Happily Ever After as a December 2010 “must read.”

16. Champion of My Heart reviews the book on how it relates to dogs. This one is a must read if you are a dog lover.

17. StayHappilyMarried interviewed me about the book.

18. Here’s my interview with Laura Vanderkam at BNET about how Marriage Advice Can Save Your Career.

19. Fox’s Dr. Manny interviews me about 7 Ways to Save Your Marriage.

20. The Love Columnist at Examiner.com says PHEA is “brimming with love ideas.”

21. Angela Howe-Decker writes, “Bowman opens her doors wide and gives us a peek at a marriage in deep crisis, then she explains how she and her husband changed things,” about PHEA in her review in the Ashland Daily Tidings. “No marriage is perfect and the good advice Bowman offers can be applied to almost any relationship.”

22. Dr. Michelle Gannon, of MarriagePrep101 reviewed PHEA, saying, “Many of us feel hopeless about our relationships from time to time. I recommend Project: Happily Ever After for a normalizing, motivating, hopeful and funny story about a marriage with its struggles and solutions.”

23. Mom It Forward published a post by me called “How to Avoid Fighting About Money.”

24. Meredith Resnick at Psychology Today interviewed me about keeping your marriage strong while caring for an aging parent.

25. Kim Tracy Prince, a PHEA.com regular, interviewed me for a ShePosts story about blogging. In it, I compare blogging to book club.

26. Jonathan Fields ran this guest post by me called How to Divorce Proof Your Start Up.

27. Ruth Pennebaker, a good friend and a talented writer, reviewed PHEA on her GeezerSisters site. Ruth has a novel that publishes next week called Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakthough. This is my favorite line from her review. If you think this line is beautiful, you just might think her novel is a triple orgasm, “The marriage is something else entirely — messy, complicated, convoluted, rich, gritty.  Angels sing and hound dogs bark, hearts break and — ideally — are healed, intimacy is forged by sparks from that same early electricity and from tens of thousands of tiny moments that feature spilled liquids, incontinent animals and children, and knowing glances and belly laughs no one else in this world but the two of you will ever understand.”

28. Jennifer Lawler–a book editor, writer and former lit agent–reviewed PHEA at Finding Your Voice. When I offered to send her a review copy, Jennifer was a skeptic and bluntly (but kindly) told me that she didn’t think the book would be for her. Then the book won her over, making this my favorite review to date. Here’s a good line, “Where Bowman really hits her stride is in telling her story as truthfully as she can, with all the parts we usually leave out when we talk about our struggles to keep our relationships together.”

29. Kris Bordessa at GeekMom reviews PHEA. Here’s a line from her great review: “Alisa writes in a friendly, accessible tone and I found that even though much of the content made me furious (more about that in a minute), I was staying up later than usual to read just one more page.”

30. Misadventures with Andi interviewed me about Project: Happily Ever After. Here’s an excerpt: “It’s hard to connect with book readers. You write the book in one place. They read it in another. You might hear from readers if they happen to review your book online, email you, or come to a book signing. But, for the most part, there’s a disconnect.”

31. The Frugal Kiwi reviews PHEA and compares it to a patchwork quilt. Here’s an excerpt, “I read it in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down. The writing is candid and Alisa allows herself to be so vulnerable to her readers that the book feels like a tale told between girlfriends over a few bottles of wine. She exposes her own faults and culpability with the same frankness she tells of her husband’s.”

32. Jennifer Margulis is a good friend and wonderful writer. At her blog on Mothering.com she writes this about PHEA, “I admire Alisa for working out the kinks in her marriage and I’m grateful to the book for inspiring me to work out the kinks in mine.” She also writes that reading about my husband made her appreciate hers all the more.

33. On her site FrequentForeplayMiles, Shela Dean remarks that everyone can see themselves in my journey. She writes about the book, “There’s something for everyone to learn from this book regardless of the state or stage of their marriage. And, for the icing on top, it’s well-written with humor, hope, and just-between-us-girls honesty.”

34. At Cest-la-Me Amy Reverdy writes that PHEA can even help the happily married. She writes, “I felt like I was reading a boy-meets-girl (and everything that comes after) story or a series of letters written by a girlfriend. The book held my interest and I wanted to know how their love story would end – or not end as the case may be.”

35. Tom and Melissa from TheLongHaulProject read, loved and reviewed PHEA. Here’s an excerpt from their review, “I’ve been reading a lot of books on marriage recently, and Project Happily Ever After is by far my favorite. A former journalist, Alisa has a knack for storytelling and her conversational, witty writing style is a breath of fresh air in this genre. It’s like reading a juicy novel rather than a traditional “self-help” book.”

36. Jen’s Love Lessons reviewed PHEA saying, “This is going on my 10-relationship-books-you-should-read-before-you-die list…. There were several aspects of this book that either deeply moved me, made me take a step back and think for a minute (or ten), caused me to laugh out loud, or intrigued me to continue reading.”

37. Anonymous8 interviewed me about writing, marriage, and sex. Here’s an excerpt, “I’ve found that marriage improvement is a lot like a dance. One spouse leads. The other follows.”

38. Boston Metro reviewed PHEA. So did Philly Metro. And so did NY Metro. Love them.

39. Finding Blessings in Everyday Life reviewed PHEA saying, “I have read other marriage books and I can tell you that none have made this much sense, none have been this honest and direct. None have felt like I was getting advice from a friend.”

40. Bits O’ Blair reviewed PHEA, saying “Reading this book was a good reaffirmation for me that marriages can be saved.  Not all of them.  (Certainly not if abuse is involved.)  But there is hope.  Because we all deserve that fairy tale ending.”

41. The Bridge Maker published this guest post of mine titled “3 lessons I learned from saving my marriage.”  Here’s an excerpt: “When people around me are not behaving admirably, I now realize that criticizing them for their behavior is not likely to change it. Instead, I do my best to serve as the best role model that I can. I become the person I want others to be.”

42. Anonymous8 ran this review of PHEA. Here’s an excerpt: “I read this book over 2 months ago and I still think about it, and I have been trying to figure out why it stuck with me so long.”

43. Chatelaine magazine interviewed me about marriage. Here’s an excerpt: “Eventually you find that your spouse knows you better than anyone – he knows your admirable qualities as well as the not-so admirable ones. And he loves you anyway. He pushes you to be your best, but he embraces you when you are at your worst. That’s happily ever after. It’s not an easy ride into the sunset, but it’s quite nice all the same.”

44. MediationLine interviewed me about PHEA. Here’s a quote, “Most of us struggle in marriage because no one teaches us how to be married. We expect marriage to be instinctual. We assume it’s some sort of magical mystical process of picking the right person. But it’s really just about skills, skills that no one teaches us in Home Ec.”

45. YourTango reviewed PHEA in this post 5 Ways to Save Your Marriage. Here’s an excerpt, “Buy Project: Happily Ever After and turn to it as a constant point of reference.” (It doesn’t get any better than that, now, does it?)

46. This guest post I wrote for Momeo Magazine has proven quite popular. I understand work-at-home moms are printing it out and asking their husbands to read it. It’s called 6 Things Husbands of Work-at-Home Moms Don’t Know.

47. Vera Marie Badertscher ran this guest post of mine at A Travelor’s Library titled, “The Un-Travel Book Reading Tour.” It’s about the books I read during the years I could not travel, and about how they made me want to adopt 10 orphans.

48. Julie Sibert at Intimacy in Marriage reviewed PHEA, saying: “If you are looking for a book that just scratches the surface of the emotions and thoughts that crop up in a marriage on the brink of imploding, then this is not the book for you.  Bowman doesn’t shy away from the raw pain, horrible thoughts and real experiences that almost ended their marriage.”

49. Stu Gray at The Marry Blogger interviewed me about marriage, PHEA and more. Here’s one quote from that interview: “The blog has repeatedly proven to me that people are good and kind. Everyone struggles in life. It’s a fallacy to believe that some people are perfect and some are flawed. We’re all flawed.”

50. ThirdAge.com reviewed PHEA, saying, “‎”The book is a bold move for any woman, revealing insecurities, the sexual issues in a marriage and some very private thoughts about one’s spouse.”

51. Mothering’s a la mama blog interviewed me. If you comment on this post, you can be entered for a chance to win a copy of PHEA. Here’s an excerpt: “When your marriage is bad, you’re kind of waiting for a revelation or a divine moment….like waiting for a genie to pop out of a bottle and give you three wishes. I’ve had that same sensation when I’ve had troubles elsewhere in life. Like even trying to get my book published. I really wanted that genie. I had to get over it. I have to make it happen myself. And I think the first place you have to go to improve your marriage is to say: my spouse isn’t going to have some wonderful turnaround and suddenly be the person I want to be married to. My problems aren’t going to magically go away. I ’m going to have to do something about it. That’s the first step to making things better.” Here’s part 2 of this interview, and here’s part three.

52. I wrote this guest post for “You’d Be So Pretty If…” called 4 Unusual Ways to Feel Sexy.

53. Tim Brownson, my favorite life coach, reviewed PHEA in his incredibly popular and helpful newsletter. If you don’t subscribe to it, you should. And I’m not just saying that because he gave me a good review. Here’s an excerpt: “Alisa Bowman didn’t have her marital ducks in the same town never mind in a row, and that was clearly demonstrated by the fact that she fantasized about the death of her husband. It takes an incredible amount of bravery to admit to something like that because there will be an army of people waiting to tut-tut and announce she’s obviously nuts.”

54. In the Providence Journal, Rita Watson writes, “If you hate the man you married, buy a copy of “Project Happily Ever After: Saving Your Marriage When the Fairy Tale Falters” by Alisa Bowman. She hated her husband so much that she actually planned his funeral. But a friend suggested she give one more try to the marriage. Today she is sharing her joy story. Take her advice and spend the next month falling in love again.”

55. At A Page of My Own, Walker Thornton writes about the challenges of crafting the authentic book review, using her review of PHEA as the main example. Here’s an excerpt, “I started the book and immediately had an ‘uh-oh’ moment. Why was I, a single woman, reading a book on fixing up one’s marriage?”

56. WithOurBest reviewed PHEA (and is giving away a copy), saying, “Project: Happily Ever After is an entertaining read because the author is humorous, but more importantly because she is so  fearlessly honest and vulnerable. I recommend this book for both couples that are feeling hopeless or couples in a great relationship – who want to keep it that way. This real life story is motivating and a good self-help read.”

57. For FoxNews.com, I wrote how to feel sexy everyday

58. YourTango.com quoted me in this installment about how to ditch negative thoughts about love.

59. At AimingLow, the great Cecily Kellogg quotes me as she answers the question, “How do you keep things spicy while wearing pajama pants?

60. Examiner Love Columnist Rita Watson interviewed me about how holiday stress can affect a relationship. Here’s a quote from that interview, “A wife in a happy marriage might open a gift from her husband and see that he’s gotten her a shirt that’s too small. She might find that endearing and think that he’s a lovable clueless dolt who tries very hard but just can’t quite get the sizing thing down.A wife in an unhappy marriage, however, will view the exact same thing as yet another piece of evidence that she somehow accidentally married the wrong person.”

61.  Watson also quoted me in this piece about how to prevent infidelity.

62. DivaTalk radio had me on air to talk about Project: Happily Ever After. You can listen to the half hour segment here.

63. Tom and Melissa from The LongHaulProject came to our house over the weekend to film us for this great documentary they are making about marriage. You can view a clip here where Mark and I talk about the one secret to a happy marriage. Here’s part 1, part 2 and part 3.

64. GiveAWaysWithGrace reviewed Project: Happily Ever After and is offering a copy of the book as a giveaway. Here’s an excerpt, “I could not put this book down. I felt like Alisa Bowman was inside my head reading my thoughts…She put me at ease and made me feel better about how I was feeling… At the risk of sounding cliche, I think this book may have saved my marriage.”

65. LittleButterflyKiss, writes about Project: Happily Ever After, “I was struck by the fact that her husband saw very little need to assist during the early days after childbirth. When confronted, he said that he didn’t think she needed help… because she didn’t ask. It was one of those silent scream moments.”

66. Kim Tracy Prince wrote one of my favorite reviews of PHEA ever at House of Prince. I couldn’t pick just one excerpt. So here are two of them. Excerpt #1: “It’s all written with such a vivid voice that I can imagine her sitting here having a glass of wine with me, leaning in close and saying something like “Pubes?  Those are no problem.  I find the full Brazilian makes me love my girl parts.”  But that is just conjecture, of course.” Excerpt #2: “If there’s anything that disappointed me in the book, it was that I couldn’t reach through it and smack her husband around for being such an obtuse dolt during Bowman’s early motherhood.  I know that she should have asked for more help, spoken up for her needs, blah blah, but the whole idea of a father not wanting to help out his clearly bedraggled wife pisses me right off.”

67. I was on I Love Authors talk radio where I talk about marriage, writing, and how I did not celebrate my book’s birth. It wasn’t until after the show that I realized the strange parallel between how I felt on my book’s birthday and how I felt on my daughter’s birthday. It kind of makes me want to stop birthing.

68. Frugal MD Corgi Mom reviewed PHEA. Here’s an excerpt, “I highly recommend this book because you will find a little bit about yourself, your husband, and your marriage within the pages.”

69. The Night Own Mama reviewed PHEA saying, “You’ll find your self crying, laughing and even being able to relate to situations that are described in the book…  Alisa covers many topics that couples go through, including her husband losing his job.  I love that the book tells it like it is and there’s no sugar coating the actual things that happen in marriages gone bad.”

70. I appeared on the NBC 10! Show in Philadelphia Monday where I talked about my marriage and shared some tips for others.

71. WhitePicketFence reviewed PHEA, saying, “Not being an avid reader of self-help books I was skeptical that the book would be like many in the category and talk at the reader rather than to them. But boy was I wrong. Alisa’s book is more like an educational novel that has a way of identifying with the reader through well-written stories.” If you comment on her post, you get a chance to win a free copy of the book.

72.  MommyHasToWork reviewed PHEA saying, “I thought it would be some type of self help book, that I would kinda glance through and give my opinion. I did not expect it to be funny, hard to put down, informative, entertaining, knowledgeable and so full of good ideas and information. I started to read Project: Happily Ever After and couldn’t put it down….I kept wanting to read more.” This post offers another opportunity to win a copy of PHEA.

73. This blogger didn’t even think it was possible to experience Happily Ever After with a goldfish. Then he read PHEA and his hopes were renewed. This is what he had to say about the book, “If you’re single, you’re going to learn remarkable dating tips. If your marriage is on the rocks, you’re going to read about love lessons and experiments to turn things around and nd even if your relationship is doing well, you’ll get an education that’ll lead you to Happily Ever After–even if you don’t believe it exists at first.”

74. Here on TBD’s “Let’s Talk Live” I answer the “what did this poor guy do to deserve your scorn?” question.

75.  Simplicity in the Suburbs reviews PHEA, saying, “I admit when the email popped up in my inbox, I was almost ready to hit delete. Send me a marriage book? Are they implying my marriage wasn’t working? But I replied, received the book a few days later and devoured it within days….Her writing had me laughing many, many times. J would usually peak over and ask what I was reading and what was so funny and he too, found the humor in her stories, typical marriage issues and her advice.”

76. On Words to Eat By, I wrote this guest post about how I fell in love with my husband over his baked ziti. Here’s an excerpt, “Love, as they say, is blind. It’s falling out of love that restores a woman’s vision.”

77.  Tracy at I Hate My Message Board is offering a free copy of PHEA in a giveaway. You just have to leave a comment.

78.  Over at Celebrate Green, I write about how I impoverished my family over the love of writing and promoting PHEA.

79.  Celebrate Green also reviewed the book, saying that healthy relationships are good for the planet. After all, saving our marriages is just another form of recycling. Here’s an excerpt, “Alisa’s book made me laugh. It made me cry. It offered ideas that even my husband and I, married 42 years, can use….I admire her willingness to expose behaviors, insecurities and thoughts (to say nothing of personal sexual issues), that most of us would reveal only under threat of extreme torture. Her gutsy disclosures, self-deprecation and brutal honesty create a credible foundation for her advice.”

80. MomsInHeels wrote a review of PHEA that was so glowing that I blushed. And cried. It proved to me that all of the hard work I put into writing and marketing this book was worth it. It’s a good thing. I couldn’t pick just one excerpt. First excerpt, “This life changing book, a perfect balance of memoir and step-by-step successful relationship manual, would have been an easy one sitting read (if we didn’t have children and husbands to deal with). As it was, we were setting our alarm clock to wake up early to fit in one more chapter before work.  Yes, it was that good.” Second excerpt, “You are invested in her as her honesty and desperation leaves her vulnerable. You are begging her husband not to mess this up. You are hopeful that their marriage will survive, because really if they can make it anyone can.” Excerpt three, “I can tell you PHEA is my new marriage bible.”

81. The Lehigh Valley Parenting Blog ran an interview with me about how to focus on your own happiness for the good of your family.

82. The Allentown Morning Call interviewed me about How to Save a Marriage. I love the photos that ran with the piece.

83. Whole Living Gal reviewed PHEA saying, “The story line is captivating, but more than that, Bowman’s honesty is refreshing. I am embarrassed to recommend a book with so much, um, intimate details in it. But then it occurred to me that I don’t read about that kind of stuff anywhere else (I’m certainly not going to Google it!) and my friends aren’t talking about it. Intimacy is an important part of a thriving marriage, and Bowman handles this topic well – and even tells her own story to returning to that place with her husband. For this pretty naive gal, I’m thankful she was willing to share the details.”

84. Mom It Forward published several guest posts by me including 5 Mistakes Unhappy Moms Make in the Bedroom, 5 Communication Mistakes Couples Make, and What Is a Happy Marriage?

85. I was a guest on Women Entrepreneurs radio where I talked about how to balance your career with your marriage. I also commented about Eat, Pray Love and how the divorce rate would skyrocket if everyone was financially able to travel the world for a year after ending their marriage.

86. On the UrbanMuse, I wrote How to Launch a Virtual Book Tour Part 1 and How to Launch a Virtual Book Tour Part 2. To date, more than 80 sites have written about PHEA and I expect more than 120 to do so before the tour ends. You can read all of the reviews, interviews and guest posts here.

87. My Little Review Corner reviewed PHEA saying, “There were parts of the book that I knew I could never do myself (but they made me laugh my head off!), including when Alisa decided to get a bikini wax called “The Martini Glass”! There were other parts of her project that I could see myself talking to my husband about and trying to do (such as writing one another letters including all the things that you love about each other). I think the most interesting part was that reading Project: Happily Ever After actually opened a dialogue between my husband and myself – I mentioned the book to him and he asked me to give him a synopsis (you should have seen the look on his face when I told him about Alisa planning her husband’s funeral!) and then he asked me what she and her husband actually tried to bring them closer together. I thought the fact that Alisa’s book got my husband and I talking about things we could do to make our marriage stronger was a very cool thing!”

88. Pikes Peak Parent reviewed PHEA. Until I read this review, I actually that my book was a bit light on the sex scenes, especially when compared to my friend Kiri’s book I Can’t Think Straight. I suppose that all depends on your perspective. Here’s an excerpt, “While several of her stories were amusing, some are not for the reader who prefers PG over R-rated books. However, Bowman does have a way with humor and is brutally honest. I laughed at her too-familiar description of coming home with a baby and having nursing challenges, but I know way more about bikini waxes than I ever wanted.”

89. I never in a million years thought I’d end up featured on a website about saving money. Fabulous Savings, however, recently interviewed me about everything from my thoughts about Valentine’s Day to my #1 piece of advice for married couples.

90. A Mom’s Take reviewed PHEA saying, “This book is not just for those who are unhappy in their marriage or who may be looking towards divorce as an option, but can even be for those happily married to avoid the pitfalls that might lead to an unhappy marriage.”

91. I was a guest on the Writers on Writing show earlier this week. Eventually the podcast will be posted, but you can download the show now from iTunes if you’d like to listen to me do a reading as well as answer questions about the process of writing PHEA.

92. The Long Haul Project posted another outtake from their interview with me and my husband. This one is about balancing career and marriage. In it Mark confronts me about my Twittering.

93. 40Licious ran an interview with me about marriage at midlife. Here’s an excerpt, “I often tell folks who develop the Mid Life Wandering Eye that they must recommit themselves to their marriages all over again. They also must rediscover their spouses all over again. And they must teach their spouses to give them what they seek: attention, romance and affection.”

94. WFMZ interviewed me about emotional hoarding and also about how to stage a marriage intervention.

95. You can listen to my radio interview with Bruce Kelly on Secrets of a Romance Writer’s Husband. Here I talk about romance, communication, marriage and more.

96. At The Writer’s Place, I talk about what caused me to fall in love with writing. So do several other writers.

97.  At the Yummy Mummy Club I wrote about ways to put the romance back in Valentine’s Day.

98. At Simple Mom I write about ways to teach your spouse to romance you. You can also win a copy of PHEA on this post.

99. I was interviewed for Your Tango’s 50 Top Marriage Tips story.

100.  Your Tango also included my advice for having an irresistible online profile.

101.  Radio Health Journal did a nice story about marriage that features me. It’s a great listen, and not just because I’m interviewed. I’m convinced you’ll get something out of it.

102.  PHEA, I am told, was the inspiration behind this blogger’s quest to be her own Valentine.

103.  Lost in Cheeseland reviews PHEA and writes her own love story in the process.

104. Hybrid Mom ran a post written by me called 7 Habits that Hurt Your Marriage.

105. Parent Talk Today reviews PHEA calling me, “One brave woman.”

106. The Fit Marriage Show interviewed me about my envy of my husband’s bicycle. I had to learn how to use Skype for this interview. I think I sort of pulled it off. It kept freezing while my eyes were half open. That’s not very flattering, I don’t think. I also had to do my hair and wear makeup at 10 pm at night. But I wore fleece, because my biggest fear for TV interviews these days is that I’ll forget my dressy outfit and will have to go on air wearing fleece or jammies. I figured I might as well just get past it by doing it.

107.  The Happiest Mom interviewed me about marriage. Here’s an excerpt with me talking about the death fantasy, “My fantasy soothed me. It allowed me to have little moments of bliss. I could daydream about him being gone and my life being wonderful. I could feel good for a brief moment. Then the daydream would vaporize and the misery of my life would come crashing back in.”

108. POOF BOOKS reviewed PHEA saying, “While the book does indeed have a happy ending, boy it was a heck of a ride to get there.”

109. Over at MotherTalkers, there’s a hot discussion about the idea of putting yourself first. Here’s an excerpt from the review of PHEA, “I receive lots of books for review. Some I never get to, while others are duds that I choose not to review. Then there is the occasional gem I am glad I took the time to read. That’s how I would classify Alisa Bowman’s Project: Happily Ever After.”

110.  Kiri Blakeley, author of Can’t Think Straight, did an interview with me for Forbes. I love her headline: She wanted her husband dead, but wrote a book instead. After reading this interview, several people decided that I was “selfish.” They apparently didn’t know that I am able to read their comments on about me on Facebook. That’s okay. I forgive them.

111.  For Momeo Magazine, I wrote 11 Things Friends of Work-at-Home Moms Usually Don’t Know.

112. An Alien Parisienne just wrote the most extensive review ever of Project: Happily Ever After. There’s a lot for me to love about this review. What I love most is knowing that the writer–who is twice divorced–did not find the book at all preachy. She wrote, “I’m here to report that I found the book wonderful to read, and not at all condemning.” This was the first reviewer who noticed that my Table of Contents is a short fairy tale unto itself. I was so proud of my table of contents, and it’s been killing me that no one noticed what I did with it until now. Just for that, I give this review 10 stars times 100.

113. I always love the book reviews that start with a disclaimer about how the writer really didn’t need or want my book. It makes me realize just how taboo the topic of marriage still is, and I’m glad that I’m doing something to change that. Fun Finds For Families recently reviewed Project: Happily Ever After. Here’s an excerpt: “And she’s funny. Man, she’s really funny. I think you’ll find yourself laughing, agreeing with and, ultimately, thanking Bowman for either showing you ways to improve your own marriage or for helping you recognize and appreciate what you already have in a relationship (and explaining what you can do to keep it that way!)”

114. I’m thrilled that NewYorkStateofMom picked Project: Happily Ever After as her latest Glossy Page over at the Mom Blog Network.

115. The Des Moines Register quotes me extensively in this piece about what it takes to have a good marriage.

116. The Long Haul Project has been posting segments of the footage they took of me and my husband for their documentary about marriage. Here’s part 1 (falling in love) and here’s part 2 (falling out of love).

117. I was quoted in this Woman’s Day article 10 Ways to Get Your Marriage Back on Track.

118. I was quoted in this AOL My Daily piece about woman who outearn their husbands.

119. I was quoted in this article about Why Women Cheat on Bossip.com.

120. I’m quoted in this Match.com article about what I learned from my parent’s marriage.

121. Watch me on Fox News as I offer tips for the royal couple.

122. Hear how things went when I decided to perform a reading about my vagina.

123. Match.com’s “Happen” magazine quoted me in two different articles on the same day. Learn what I have to say about what to do when you feel torn between two lovers. Also find out how to make peace with your partner’s pet.

124. Happen Magazine also interviewed me about How to Revive a Dead Relationship.

125. Best of You Today ran an interview with me about how to save a marriage. You might enjoy reading it.

126. Kiri Blakeley quotes me in this Forbes article about the Jennifer Lopez split.

If you have reviewed PHEA and I have not linked to your review, please message me and let me know. I would love to get as many bloggers and sites on the PHEA virtual tour as I can. If you would like to join the PHEA virtual tour, please contact me!

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    No surprise that you would receive rave reviews. I love how you write candidly from the heart. It allows the reader to identify with you which allows them to be introspective. I would love to see more people write in and share their personal stories and how you’ve affected them.
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    Eve @arewethere´s last blog post ..The Princess Diaries

  • Drummer Guy November 30, 2010, 9:44 am

    Thanks for posting Alisa. I’ll have to check the reviews as time allows. Getting busy with the holidays & the move my beloved & I have to make in Dec.

    Keep on Rockin
    Ron :-)

  • Sarah Liz November 30, 2010, 3:20 pm

    I have absolutely no doubt that you will continue to get stellar reviews, Alisa! You are an excellent writer who is always honest, comical and genuine–a rare mix in this day and age of “let’s write about anything and try and peddle it as brilliant”–so much of it, sadly, is not. Anyway, I am planning on my pre-ordering my copy this weekend (Pay Day is Friday the 3rd–Yay!) and I can already tell it’s going to be a remarkable book!

    I am so incredibly excited for you and this wonderful journey you are on–finally giving birth to a “baby” you’ve worked so hard on and sacrificed so much for!

    Congrats, my friend! Keep reveling in all the greatness because you deserve it, and inspire it in others!

    All My Best w/ Many Blessings,
    -Sarah Liz :)

  • Mary February 22, 2011, 2:59 pm

    Are you allowed to tell us how many copies you’ve sold so far? I’m so curious to know your stats! :)

    • Alisa February 22, 2011, 3:06 pm

      Oh, it’s not really a secret except that I don’t truly know the answer to your question. I think I get a royalty statement at the end of the quarter that will give me a breakdown of hardcover + ebooks sold. Right now I have to rely on Bookscan, which only tracks hardcover sales in the US (no Canadian sales and no ebook sales) and it only captures about 75 percent of the hardcover sales. According to that, I’ve sold about 1,000 or so copies. I seem to steadily sell the same # every week, so that’s good. But I’m not going to see any royalty checks anytime soon, either.

  • Mary February 25, 2011, 1:49 pm

    How many do you think you’d have to sell to get on the #1 New York Times Bestseller List?

    • Alisa February 26, 2011, 8:49 am

      #1? Oh, maybe 30,000 copies in just one week. I think the last position #15 is more like 6,000 copies in one week. I’m really far away from that! it’s okay. What makes this worth it to me are all of the people who have told me the book has helped them in some way. That’s how I know all of the effort is worth it.

  • Deise Monteiro October 30, 2012, 11:29 am

    Hi Alisa!
    The books are here!
    I just want thank you so much for sending me your wonderful book…can’t stop reading it!
    You are such a nice person and an excellent writer, and it means a lot to know that you’ve spent a few hours and bucks to go to the post office and send the books all the way to Brazil!
    Your book is perfect, my husband and I are half way trough and we agree that you must be helping many other couples improve their marriage just like you’ve helped us.
    We’ve been learning a lot!
    Deise Monteiro.


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